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Logo Rebrand 1

I was the sole graphic designer for Bilingual Source's 2024 logo rebrand - spearheading the project, creating three new iterations, and making multiples of each style to fit within the brand's colour palette.

Logo Rebrand 2

This style uses the brand's initials, without the complete company name. In both a dark and light colour way, it can be used in spaces where the company's full name is already known. A French fleur-de-lis is featured within the curve of the "S".

Logo Rebrand 3

The third style within the logo kit that I created is displayed on a circle. This features the company's entire name, along with the tagline. The circular style can be used for social media profile pictures, on physical buttons, and in other similar spaces.

Candidate Spotlight

At Bilingual Source, I created graphics monthly for the candidate and client newsletters. This format was used to showcase 3 star candidates at the start of every month, for the client newsletter - sent to 10k+ recipients.

Weekly New Jobs Post

Every Tuesday at Bilingual Source, the Marketing Team would share 5 of the most current and exciting jobs with our online following. I created this format to be used within a carousel of 5 slides, showcasing each job in French and English.

Social Media Engagement

This post was made for Bilingual Source's social media channels. I made marketing graphics like this on a weekly basis, promoting the brand in a current and appealing manner.

Social Media Engagement

I like to utilize typography within my graphics to make them more visually appealing for the general public. This type of post was often made for polls or open-ended questions, that we would want social media followers to engage with.

Client Review Graphics

I designed several graphics to showcase both client and candidate reviews, which were showcased in our monthly newsletters, and also posted on social media platforms. This is just one of the many formats.

Interview Prep Kit

During Bilingual Source's rebranding in 2023, I was responsible for amalgamating all content that is sent to new bilingual candidates, and creating a refreshed Interview Preparation Kit which would then be sent out instead.

Logo for Boutique

In partnership with a close family member, I helped them create all marketing materials for their emerging Pakistani boutique. This is the primary logo that we decided to go with!

Boutique Promo

A promotional graphic that was made for the Pakistani clothing boutique. Layering colours and photos helped make this more visually attractive, all while staying within the branding guidelines.

Connected Carousel

Carousels on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook are very effective in terms of engagement. This is one example of a carousel post I made, in which each slide would lead into the next!

Resume Redesign

I truly enjoy helping others rebrand themselves, along with their personal businesses. As a side hobby, I did some freelance work redesigning people's resumes. This logo was created for a client's resume redesign, which helped them land their next job.

Promos & Comms

This gif, mixed media graphic, was made for my University's student hotline. I was co-leader of the Promotions & Communications team, spearheading various internal and external marketing projects. This includes training videos, internal monthly newsletters, and much more. 

Academic Journal

At Western University, I was the President of the Western Undergraduate Film Society. In my role, I redesigned and created an artistic magazine format for the student publication, which consists of film-related essays. Click to see the complete publication.


With a proven track record as a professional Graphic Designer at Bilingual Source, I showcase expertise in crafting visually compelling designs.


Notably, my impactful graphics for Western University's Connect-IT hotline also underscore my creative prowess and dedication to excellence.


Additionally, I have created visuals for a local Pakistani clothing boutique. I recently also freelanced as a resume designer in my free time, which was a very rewarding experience! Overall - design is my passion, and I am committed to utilizing my creativity in every aspect of life.

© 2023 by Laiba Saqlain

Laiba Saqlain

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