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Graphic Designer &

Video Editor

Based in Columbus, OH

Nice to meet you!

I am a passionate Graphic Designer and Video Editor with a creative spirit and a knack for storytelling. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies from Western University, and I've honed my skills in UX/UI Design, earning a certificate through Coursera.

As of February 2024, I am working at Ohio REALTORS® in Columbus, OH, as the company's Graphic Designer. Within the Communications and Marketing team, I'm spearheading video content initiatives to amplify the Association's brand impact. Using Blackmagic cinema cameras within the in-house video studio, I am gaining valuable multimedia production experience. I am excited to continue leading video, graphics, and animation initiatives and campaigns for this Association, and hope to continue my work with this highly skilled team! 

Since December of 2022, I've been working professionally as a Graphic Designer and Video Editor at a FR/EN recruitment agency, Bilingual Source. Here, I've played a pivotal role in the company's rebranding. Being the creator behind all social media content, I have produced compelling material that resonates with our audience. This includes eye-catching video and graphic advertisements, as well as the redesigning of crucial internal marketing resources.


With an interest in UX/UI design, I've had the pleasure of working closely with our web developers to revamp our company's website, creating an interface that seamlessly connects with our audience.


During my time at Western University, I served as the President of the Western Undergraduate Film Society, where I had the privilege of leading a vibrant community of film enthusiasts. My responsibilities included organizing biweekly meetings of up to 30 students, managing club events and activities, and overseeing Western University's Annual Film Festival, a successful event that drew over 60 eager filmgoers. Additionally, I spearheaded the revival of our student-run film publication, reintroducing the concept of physical copies to the university community.

I'm excited to continue my journey as a creative professional, pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons in the world of design and video editing.


Feel free to connect with me, I would love to get to know you, and hopefully work with you in the future!

Download my resume here!


Laiba has been an absolute pleasure to have on my team as our Graphic Designer and Video Editor. She has consistently demonstrated an exceptional level of skill, creativity, and professionalism throughout her tenure with our company.


Her proficiency in video editing has been pivotal in bringing our projects to life, and her acute attention to detail ensures a polished and professional final product. She understands our brand identity well, and has successfully conceptualized visually appealing designs that have significantly contributed to the overall success of our marketing campaigns. She is collaborative with a strong work ethic, delivers high-quality work within tight deadlines, receives feedback well, and goes above and beyond to meet the unique demands of our projects.


I strongly recommend Laiba for any role that requires a skilled and innovative Video Editor and Graphic Designer!

- Michelle Pion, Manager

[Bilingual Source, 2022-2023]

Over my 10+ years working with technical support staff, Laiba stands out as an enthusiastic, empathetic, and passionate employee. She often went out of her way to help her team members, frequently took initiative, and left a lasting impression with her insight to creative design and video editing skills.


Laiba would make an excellent addition to any team. 

- KD Grainger-Peixoto, Manager

[Connect-IT @ UWO, 2021-2023]

More coming soon...

More coming soon...

Contact Information Available Upon Request


Technical Skills &


DaVinci Resolve
Premiere Pro
Canva Pro
Final Cut Pro
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